The Best Laser for Tattoo Removal in Capitol Hill with PicoSure by CynoSure

When that old ink’s just not working for you anymore, you don’t have to spend the rest of your life finding creative ways to hide it. Laser tattoo removal at Wise Choice Tattoo Removal in the Capitol Hill area of Denver can permanently remove the ink using the CynoSure® PicoSure® laser. Highly trained skin specialist Christie M. Carlin is here to help you put the unwanted ink in the past, so book your appointment online or by phone now.

PicoSure makes tattoo removal even easier. The 755nm wavelength is able to target black, blue, and green tattoo inks, while the optional 532nm wavelength offers effective treatment of “sunset colors”red, yellow and orangewhich are typically hard to correct. You’ll also be able to:

PicoSure is the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser for the safe and effective removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, as well as acne scars, wrinkles and skin revitalization treatments. Clinical data shows better clearance in fewer treatments.

Tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove a tattoo without scarring.  It is safe for all skin tones and works for most tattoo ink in the industry.

How many treatments are needed is tricky.  Many factors come into play for removal.  One is what type of ink was used in your tattoo?  How deep the tattoo ink was placed into the skin.  And how well your immune system will flush out the ink.  

In my last post I talked about ways to Boost Tattoo Removal

The size of the tattoo determines the price of your treatment.  I do free consultations because if I can see the tattoo, I can give the best price.

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Christie M Carlin Owner and Certified Laser Technician. 11 years of experience.

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