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Comedy at its Rawest!

Enjoy comedy the way it's intended. No holds barred, no punches pulled, and no f**ks given. Thick Skin is a show where amateur and national touring comedians compete for cash prizes to see who can be the funniest person in the room. However, as much as “Good” comedy is rewarded ... “Bad” comedy is ridiculed by the show’s host Comedian Mike Stanley and a rotating cast of his comedian friends.

Insightful, crass and just plain hilarious, Mike Stanley is a fifteen year comedy veteran. Stanley was named “Best Chicago Stand-up Comedian” in a Peoples Choice poll done by the Chicago Reader and “Best Detroit Comedian” by HOUR Magazine. Mike tours internationally and has performed at several festivals including the Oddball Comedy Festival, and TBS Just For Laughs Festival.

Colorado may be a geographically isolated state, but our homegrown comedy scene rivals the breadth and quality of coastal media hubs. Queen City comedians are reliably innovative, hardworking and welcoming to outsiders, creating an environment that supports multiple shows every night and attracts talent from all over the country.

by Byron Graham of Westword

Every show they do the Worst Tatoo of the Night contest, sponsor by Wise Choice Tattoo Removal and Endless Ink Tattoo and Piercing.  We both give away a $50 gift certifcate every week to the worst tattoo.  We love this part of the show.  Customers tell their story behind their tattoo.  We also give out shwag at the end of every show at the exit's.   Definiatly a great way to possibly remove and redo a tattoo.  We are greatful to by a part of this show.  

Check out this article in the Westword about local comedy.

Go to Comedy Works to buy tickets.  Use code "WiseChoice" for a discount!

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