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Proper skin treatment is essential if you want a youthful look at any age. Professional skin rejuvenation treatments at Wise Choice Tattoo Removal in the Capitol Hill area of Denver can make a truly dramatic difference in your skin’s look and feel. Experienced skin specialist Christie M. Carlin can treat a wide range of issues including hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and wrinkles using the state-of-the-art CynoSure® PicoSure® laser. Use the online scheduler or call the office to book your appointment today.

Skin Treatment Q & A

Why do I need a rejuvenating skin treatment?

Skin rejuvenation treatments at Wise Choice Tattoo Removal can help with a large variety of skin concerns, including:


Wrinkles can be tiny fine lines, folds because of volume loss, or lines from sagging skin. It’s normal to develop some wrinkles as you age because you produce less and less collagen and elastin to keep your skin firm and smooth over time.


Hyperpigmentation is a skin discoloration in certain areas. It occurs when an excess of melanin, which gives your skin color, appears in one spot, usually because of sun exposure. Common examples of hyperpigmentation include age spots, melasma, freckles, or other discolored blotches.

Acne scars

Acne scars can vary in appearance, from bumpy keloid scars to “ice pick” holes in your face. This type of skin damage typically happens after severe acne ruptures in the deeper layers of your skin.

Wise Choice Tattoo Removal offers PicoSure skin rejuvenation treatments that can address multiple concerns at one time, depending on your needs.

How does the laser skin rejuvenation treatment work?

PicoSure laser skin rejuvenation is a simple outpatient treatment that Christie performs in short sessions on-site at Wise Choice Tattoo Removal. The exact treatment approach varies based on your particular concerns.

Christie targets your problem areas, for example, age spots or acne scars, with quick and precise laser pulses. The laser works in a couple of different ways. It can eliminate unwanted pigmentation by shattering it into microparticles that you’ll gradually eliminate through your lymphatic system.

For wrinkles and skin depressions, the laser works by gently irritating the deepest layers of your skin, creating tiny controlled injuries. This irritation makes your body launch its repair response, which includes creating new collagen and elastin. In the coming weeks, your new collagen and elastin add volume and skin tightness where you need it.

What does laser skin rejuvenation feel like?

Most patients tolerate PicoSure laser skin rejuvenation quite well. You might feel snapping, like a quick rubber band pop with the fast pulses, but it’s not too uncomfortable for most patients, and it’s over very quickly.

How many laser skin rejuvenation treatments do I need?

It depends on what kind of issues you’re treating. Most patients get great results with anywhere from two to five PicoSure laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Treatments are usually around two to six weeks apart. There’s no downtime after skin rejuvenation, and you can even schedule it during a lunch hour if you like.

Use the online scheduler or call Wise Choice Tattoo Removal for gorgeous skin rejuvenation today!